Canvas prints

Canvas prints are becoming more and more popular, especially now with all those modern technologies. 

Everybody wants to have a beautifully designed interior to feel more comfortable at home and having an awesome canvas print will definitely help.

We will explain what canvas prints are and what types of canvas prints we recommend to make your apartment or house like home. 

What are canvas prints?

Canvas prints refer to printed reproductions of images or artwork that are created on canvas material instead of traditional photo paper. This canvas material is typically composed of cotton or a cotton-polyester blend, which is tightly stretched over a wooden frame to ensure a smooth and taut surface.

The process of making a canvas print involves using a large format printer to apply ink directly onto the canvas surface. The ink permeates the canvas fibers, resulting in a vivid and durable print. Canvas prints find frequent use in showcasing photographs, digital art, paintings, and various other types of artwork.

In summary, canvas prints offer a distinctive and artistic way to display visual creations, providing a timeless appeal suitable for both personal and professional settings.

Type of canvas prints

There are several types of canvas prints available, each offering unique features and characteristics. Some common types of canvas prints include:

  1. Stretched Canvas Prints: Stretched canvas prints are the most popular type. The canvas is stretched tightly and evenly over a wooden frame, creating a ready-to-hang artwork that doesn’t require additional framing.

  2. Gallery Wrap Canvas Prints: Gallery wrap canvas prints are a specific style of stretched canvas where the image wraps around the edges of the wooden frame. This creates a seamless and three-dimensional appearance, making the artwork look more substantial and allowing it to be displayed without a frame.

  3. Rolled Canvas Prints: Rolled canvas prints are not stretched over a frame. Instead, they are shipped in a rolled-up form, making them more portable and suitable for those who want to handle the framing themselves or need to store the print before mounting.

  4. Framed Canvas Prints: Framed canvas prints are stretched canvases that are further enclosed within a frame. This type of canvas print offers additional protection and aesthetic appeal, with various frame styles to complement the artwork.

  5. Multi-Panel Canvas Prints: Multi-panel canvas prints consist of a single image divided into multiple sections (usually 2 to 5 panels) that are printed separately on canvases. When displayed together, they create a visually striking and larger composite artwork.

  6. Collage Canvas Prints: Collage canvas prints combine multiple images or artworks into one canvas, offering a creative and personalized way to showcase a collection of pictures or memories.

  7. Split Canvas Prints: Split canvas prints display a single image divided into multiple canvases, often with spaces between them. When hung together, they create a unique and modern presentation.

  8. Canvas Prints with Floating Frames: These canvas prints are stretched and come with a floating frame attached to the front of the canvas. The frame elevates the artwork and adds a stylish border around it.

  9. Triptych Canvas Prints: Triptych canvas prints consist of a single image divided into three separate canvases. These three panels are meant to be displayed together, creating a cohesive and visually appealing art piece.

Each type of canvas print offers its own artistic appeal and presentation style, allowing individuals to choose the one that best suits their preferences and space requirements.

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Canvas prints are definitely a great investment for your home. No matter what style you like, you will always find something that will fit in just right.

In most cases, the value of your canvas print doesn’t go down, quite the opposite, it actually goes up and you can earn money by keeping the art piece for some time and then flipping it for profit. 

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